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Someone who has the guts to stand up to and criticize some aspects of religion, which for some reason or another remains a complete taboo in our society.
Notice how critics of capitalism aren't called "angry socialists", critics of modern liberalism aren't (or at least shouldn't be) called angry conservatives, etc.
Whenever someone deals with religion, however, he must don kid gloves.
Of course, there will always be those immature twats who take it to the extreme- i admit Brian Flemming is probably one of them. But you still shouldn't discount every one of their messages - keep an open mind! (though not too much so)
It should be noted that the vast majority of religion-critics don't "hate" religion - they're just tired of its near-immunity to criticism and debate.
Outside of religion, cutting off a baby boy's foreskin is most often seen as despicable and wrong. But once the protective shelter of faith is granted, it becomes a taboo to say anything about it.
Another example: the drug peyote is normally illegal, but some native americans out west are allowed to use it for one of their religious rituals - also, voodoo worshippers of a certain haitian-american sect are allowed to sacrifice certain animals (i'm not making this up)
It's weird how the moment the "faith" cover is given, a person's actions are suddenly almost off limits. Somehow, we've just agreed as a society that that's how we should work. And anyone who questions this norm is quickly labeled an "angry atheist".

Odd, don't ya think?
by Submitters of Words May 22, 2011

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