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John McCain's pathetic attempt to downplay his obvious status as an independent pretending to be a Republican.

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Former governor of Alaska, a Republican. Has five children, one grandchild. Generally supported allowing greater freedoms in fishing and hunting while in office, as well as more opportunities for drilling to the major oil companies. Ran as the vice-presidential candidate for the Republican party in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Resigned as governor of Alaska several months after losing presidential election.

Supports abstinence-only education in public schools (which has been proven to slightly increase teen pregnancy rate and STI infection rate when compared to standard sex education). Supports the teaching of intelligent design as well as evolution, (despite the consensus by 93% of the National Academy of Sciences who don't believe in God and accept evolution as the accurate theory for how life arose on Earth). Also has recently become a contributor to conservative media outlet, Fox News. Major supporter of the Tea Party Movement.
"Melisa is a stupid bitch, she thinks evolution is a myth, the teabaggers aren't retarded rednecks, and that we should teach hormone-laden, sex-crazy teenagers to wait ten more years to lose their virginity."

"Melisa? Don't you mean Sarah Palin?"
by Stupid "libtard" May 19, 2010
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