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The Wiggles is a band of four very energetic Australian men who seem to market themselves as The Monkees for children. On their television show, they sing songs and go on adventures, all while staying extremely cheerful. In fact, these guys are so peppy that it irritates most people over the age of six. The four are: Anthony, who wears a blue skivvie, Greg (yellow), Jeff (purple), and Murray (red). They also have a few friends: Dorothy, a green dinosaur who tends a rose garden (?!), Henry, an octopus who for some reason wears a plaid shirt, Wags, a dog, and Captain Feathersword, the friendly (and extremely gay) pirate who, yes, has a feather for a sword. The Wiggles started out as a "feel good r & b" group called the Cockroaches, and apparently something went horribly wrong. The Wiggles have also put out CDs for children and have made millions doing so. Whether or not the Wiggles themselves are homosexuals is not certain, but it seems quite obvious, seeing how, on the show, they are always together and live in the same house. Strangely enough, one of their songs, "Hot Potato", appeared on an American car commercial, and Steve Irwin has appeared on one of their records, causing a weirdness clash of amazing proportions.
Wow, that guy is way too cheerful, dresses in loud colors, and seems so gay that it's frightening. He must be the fifth Wiggle.
by Steve Kress July 09, 2005
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