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A Diverse town... Where you will meet all different kinds of people in differnt situations
As I sit here and read the posts for Norwalk, I find myself shocked. I have lived in Norwalk my whole life and would never define it as "a town close to a beach where you can relax!" I have never even stepped foot in the water! Yeah the beach is a common "chill" spot if you may call it or a common place where the youth and adults of Norwalk go to congregate, but thats all its for. And as for "shorehaven," I am familiar with the country club, but have never stepped foot in that as well. You see I guess I make up the "middle" class of Norwalk. Norwalk is seperated into three sections, The high class (all you shorehaven goers) the middle class, and the poor class. It is a mistake to say that all the poor class lives in South Norwalk or Vice versa because to my current knowledge there are people who are paying up to almost 2,000 a month for a brand spankin new in the mid section of Sono apartments. So whats my point?
Basically Norwalk is almost as Diverse as New York...
You are surounded by all different kinds of people, but the experiences you take with you are only those in which you have been born into. Whether you "hang out" at Shorehaven or RC projects you are considered a Norwalkian... So please dont tell me Norwalk is made up of the beach or Shore haven because that is not the case.
by Stephy p December 04, 2006

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