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Someone who wins 25 consecutive games of beer pong while demoralizing the opponent to the point of tears.

Also a huge fan of the color purple and curvy women.
My parents didn't name me Stuart Coldblooded McBadass for nothing.
by Stan Howard November 15, 2009
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The most loyal fan you will ever meet.

Someone who doesn't stop rooting for their favorite team just because they lost two games in a row. Someone who has so much love for their team they would kill for them.

Seen by some as caring more about their team than about concepts such as family, law, and non-violence.

Not to be mistaken with complete fucking idiots such as -

New England Patriot fans that did not know who the team was before 2001.
Pittsburgh Steeler fans that only surface during playoff runs.
Denver Bronco fans who need to have their teeth knocked out so they don't bite down while sucking my dick.
Hey that 'Raider fan' sure is beating that Chargers fan pretty maliciously.

Wow 'Raider fan' it's just a loss, are you sure you want to kill Jamarcus Russell?

That Chiefs fan ran into some 'Raiders fans' on his way home and no one's heard from him in three days.
by Stan Howard November 15, 2009
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