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A genuine, but sometimes secretive friend. He is logically oriented and a cunning planner. Although he can easily attain a partner, he usually tends to be a lone wolf because he doesn't believe in a frivolous relationship, and yearns for true love. They tend to not subscribe to the conventions of society, doing what they feel is most entertaining or comfortable. He is self-validated, and a risk taker, although his outward confidence hides a more vulnerable character. True Alex's won't be involved in activities like Football and Lacrosse, the ones who do are usually shorter and less comfortable with their masculinity. Due to their creativity and determination, Alex's are goal-oriented and work tirelessly to reach their long term mission. He loves having fun and will risk embarrassment for a good laugh. He never feels the need to drink or do drugs because he doesn't need them to enjoy life. Overall, Alex's are a constant source of laughs and are exceptionally loyal friends you'd be lucky to have.
"I hope one day I can marry an Alex."
by SouthernStraw March 08, 2019

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It's Alex spelled backwards. If someone is identifying by the name Xela, it means they are conflicted with themselves. They are in great pain. It's a call for a nurturing attention because they feel abstracted from society. Help them reconcile.
Xela you're the best at being you. That's all that matters.
by SouthernStraw March 20, 2019

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