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a ressilant group of people there located at coordinates 727,727 on the r/place 2022 canvas they have survived raids from a 50k streamer and more they sprung back like it was nothing
/r/osuplace people may not touch grass but i respect them
by Somerandomjitt April 3, 2022
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Foreground Eclipse is doujin circle based in japan. Foreground Eclipse was a touhou based circles commonly covering touhou songs.they were active from 2008-2014 when the circle disbanded due too some disagreements
Foreground Eclipse is legendary
by Somerandomjitt October 30, 2021
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shortened version of the doujin circle Foreground Eclipse, Foreground eclipse was a circle based in japan in 2008 up until 2015 when the circle sadly disbanded due too some disagreements.
person 1. yo bro im sad i can never go to a FgE concert
person 2. same bro
by Somerandomjitt October 30, 2021
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