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The practice by females of using female sex as a disability instead of doing the right thing and litigating for the responsibility of selective service.
There are more lesbians in the state of Florida litigating for the responsibility of adoptive motherhood than there are women throughout the United States litigating for the responsibility of selective service.
Males cannot challenge the constitutionality of all-male selective service because they cannot specificially request in their lawsuit a particular ruling that changes military policy.
Women will try to use every bullshit argument when confronted with their own selfishness. Some women have the nerve to call selective service an "artifact," saying it was used "as far back as 1973". Archeologists do not look for artifacts from 34 years ago and the penalties for non-compliance with selective service registration will be enforced for the forseeable future.
Women will try to say that women do not owe men anything despite:
1) the fact that mostly male politicians ratified the 19th Amendment,
2) gave women Title IX (which eviscerated men's sports, contrary to what that cunt Donna Lopiano would like you to believe),
3) refused (in 15 states, most notably Illinois) to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment because women balked (again, most notably in Illinois) at losing their free ride during wartime,
4) made sure that women would be paid the same amount of money for doing the same work as a similar man (so a woman who has never been married and has no kids would make as much money as a man who has also never been married and has no kids)
and 5) legalized no-fault divorce, most of which are initiated by women for spurious reasons, leading to men with almost no custody of their children and whorebag, I mean, ex-wife, I mean "child support" payments that the ex-wife can spend on an SUV despite having children who will not get their learner's permits for a decade.
Women's refusal to demand responsibilities is indicative of how immoral feminism is in the United States. There is nothing communist or fascist or unpatriotic about feeling that responsibilities should apply to everybody.
The refusal of women to demand selective service reveals American feminism's double standard of equality between men and women at the top but female superiority at the bottom.

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