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In Canada, bitch beer is common slang for American Beer such as Bud Light or Coors light. This is in referance to the way which alcohol content is measured in the United States versus Canada.

In the States alcohol content is measured by weight as opposed to volume. So a %4 beer in the states would be a %3.2 beer in Canada...which is not even suitable for our dogs never mind our women. In addition, American beer often has a lower percentage even when you don't take the method of measurment which furthers American beer's reputation as "bitch beer".

Further, Americans are often referred to as bitchs in Canada due to their lack of knowledge in hockey, low alcohol tolerance, poor education, racist policies, and due to the rage Canadians feel when they are treated poorly in other countrys when we are initially identified as Americans. (the party is on when Canadian citizenship is established)

However, it should be noted, African Americans are not considered to be bitches because of their strong cultural dominance in the United States as well as the fact that malt liquor has about the same alcohol content as Canadian beer. This also proves that Canadians are truly "original Gangsters".
"Hey Joe, what is that? A Bud Light? Why the fuck are you drinking bitch beer tonight? Are you the designated driver tonight or are you a bitch?"

"My wife drinks bitch beer now that she is pregnant. She doesn''t want to harm the baby with any alcohol."

"Now Billy, you know you can't have have any real beer until you're 18! You're going to have to sit at the kiddy table and drink bitch beer for another 6 years!"
by Solid Dean January 26, 2007

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