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Also known as the Might of the South,because it was the only state to actually do anything in the civil war (Best Army and Generals, home of 2 of 3 southern capitals Richmond and the last capital Danville). Virginia is not a mid-atlantic state. Mid-Atlantic states include -Pennsylvania,Delaware,marylarnd, and Rhode Island. Virginia is full of rich forest, never ending streams and huntable wildlife. Virginia is also a very divided state, Nothern - Kerry Votes, Liberals and homosexuals and Mid to Southern - Bush Votes, Conservitives. Virginia has been a Red state, like the rest of the south, since the 1960s.
Alabama Man - Blah Blah Blah Heart of Dixie!

Virginia Man - Heart of Dixie my ass, learn about the confederacy before you talk it about it.

Kentucky Man - Oh Cool we have a star, but wait we never left the union?
by SoVa June 02, 2005
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