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A clothing brand inspired by Don Ed Hardy's tattoo work, and made into a designer brand by Christian Audigier.

For the people who say that people are "trendwhores" for wearing Ed Hardy; don't bash the people who can afford nice clothes, when you're stuck with the Wal-Mart brand. Since when is having money a reason to bash people? And, since when is liking a certain STYLE OF CLOTHING a reason to make people feel bad? If you don't like the style, do the rest of the sane people in the world a favor and keep your mouth shut. Get off your mom's computer and go do something outside instead of talking trash about a clothing brand you can't afford.
Girl: Ed Hardy is great. I love the designs.
Idiot: OMG! You trendwhore!
Girl: Um. Okay.
by Smart Shopper July 31, 2009

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