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The university of california second choice. If you wanted to go to UCD or UCI, and your grades were just too crappy, you went to UCSC. Though UC Santa Cruz has some of the best physical science departments, such as astro physics, and physics, its liberal arts and humanities department are full of shit. The school is runned by a bunch of left wing nut heads such as Angela Davis and other communists who hate America.
White people here are liked as long as you admit that you are fucked up by nature, yes, white people are evil and oppressive towards minorities. Which means if you have a HUGE amount of white guilt, you'll be accepted. Secondly, if you are a man, you are fucked up and a woman hater, you must admit this before you are taken off the woman hater list. If you are a feminist, you'll love this place. Instead of teaching equality, they teach that men are bad. Thirdly, this school is oppressive. If you are a moderate or say conservative, you'll be labeled as a Racist , facist, sexist and anti-gay. Oh yea, if you don't support Gay marriage by the time you graduate, its because you got silenced and now sleep in a tree because you're scared to come out.

Every week they protest shit at this school, from labor movements, to anti-racism protest, veagan protests, and such.(there is nothing wrong with this)
UCSC is a hypocritical institute of higher education that teaches "tolerant things" but they take things way too far such as firebombing UCSC biomedical researchers homes. They are also extremely sexist towards men, and extremely racist towards caucasians. and saying this is not racist, its the truth.
Global warming is killing Santa Cruz, according to the hippies there, than anywhere else on earth because apparently, the hybrid cars there are too dirty for the hippies. You'll also find hippies sitting in trees living there for the past year because they don't want the school to expand. They're afraid that spiders will be extinct! Berkeley aint even this bad.

My teacher flunked me on my test at UC Santa Cruz because I said America was cooL!

The sandwiches taste like shit! Thats probably from UCSC! Its veagan!

You're wearing leather shoes? YOUR FUCKED UP YOU"RE KILLING ANIMALS!. -UCSC

by Slug182 October 05, 2008

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