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1. A politician with little local support or inherent talent whom is propped up by corporate political interests who give them campaign contributions and told to vote accordingly. Often times retired used car salesmen or small town hoods who belong to the Elks lodge, these politicians do very little for their local constituency and quite a bit for special interests. You will find them near county fairs, gun shows, and church picnics. Most are Republican though some notable expections do exist. The Political Action Committees themselves often have patriotic names like "Making America The Best Gosh Darn Republican Utopia Ever PAC" but usually are funded by insurance lobbyists and people who like to kick babies.
Example: Lynn Swann is a PAC Hack because he never had any experience other than catching a football and now he's the Republican Nominee for governor.
by Sliminy Wicket August 19, 2006
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