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This term is always spoken to a parole board by a violent criminal hood thug with a long rap sheet who is lying in order to convince a parole board to let him out of prison early.
"Mr. Jones, when I get outta here I'm Gon go ta Collech and be an Afro engineer". Ok, Tyrone , we will grant your parole"
by Sledge September 15, 2021
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This term is shouted repeatedly by other African American bystanders whenever a white cop or cop's are physically engaged in a struggle with a group of teenaged African American suspects who are resisting arrest
"Leave dem alone ! Dis is Rayciss! Dey just keeds !! "
by Sledge September 08, 2021
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A regular tobacco cigarette that is soaked in roach killer spray, smoked by some desperate inmates in prison to achieve a high. This roach spray soaked cigarette causes severe psychosis, hallucinations, possible permanent brain damage and sometimes even death.
"Hey Louie, those group of idiots over there in the corner will have their buttholes violated from Big Tyrone when they go unconscious from smoking that Brown Klown"
by Sledge May 12, 2021
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An instant straight to the point insult to be hurled out loud or at the opposing driver to express maximum anger and frustration in a road rage situation
"I can't believe this guy just cut me off in traffic. Pull over and I'll kick your fucking ass you Bastardly fucking asshole!!!!"
by Sledge September 23, 2021
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The whiney spoiled brat computer geeks that live in the Suburbs, who literally have to insert their own hate filled rants, and argumentative babbling opinion everytime they see or hear the word Christian or Christianity written or spoken . Meanwhile, these same idiots who make constant claims that they have an extraordinarily high IQ are notorious for misspelling basic words due to their low quality Obama based "Common Core" learning curriculum that they received in school
"Max should have worked on his spelling before he engaged me in an online illiterate atheist discussion"
by Sledge June 01, 2021
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The loose huge fat that hangs over an obese female's gentials. Preventing oxygen from getting to her gunt. Thus producing a foul disgusting aroma once legs have been opened
I made the mistake of wanting to eat Mary's pussy but I had to lift up her 50 pound Bill Flap up to get to it
by Sledge May 03, 2021
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This definition is very similar to knuckle sandwich. But in this case, the bully who receives this instant bare knuckle delivery has been clueless his entire life about his behavior. The Reality sandwich is the fist to the face that quickly gives the bully the reality check of a lifetime
"I swear , if Trevor pushes me up against the locker and steals my lunch money again I'm gonna give him a Reality sandwich!"
by Sledge October 15, 2021
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