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Much like his ancestral counterpart (see "Jam Boy"), a Korean Jam Boy is the act of smearing kimchi pepper paste on the face of a small weak korean man/boy to attract the mosquitoes while you troll through Seoul looking for side-ways vagina to slay. The size of the Korean Jam Boy is insignificant since every Korean man can be physically dominated by any other race. If the pepper paste runs into his eyes you can piss on his face, because if he starts to cry from the burning you will have to kill him and throw in a dumpster and then get a new one. The night usually concludes with banging his sister while you make him videotape and beat off in the corner, after which you allow him to wash the kimchi pepper paste off his face while his sister folds your laundry and cooks you Korean BBQ. Before you kick them out you take all of their money so they have to walk home.
Friend: "Dude your Korean Jam Boy is fucked up."

Me: "I know, I had to break both of his arms because he was eating all of the kimchi on his face"
by Slamfest November 12, 2011

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