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1. A dirty girl who will get stupidly drunk, lose all control, and get off with anybody and everybody, often to the embarrassment of their friends. The victim will have the piss ripped out of them for ages because they were stupid enough to score the scuttler, which presents no challenge and can not be applauded.

2. A girl who will gladly take your heart and then stab you in the back/stomp on your balls, usually by getting off with another bloke. E.g. 'She scuttled on you' or 'you were a victim of a scuttler'
The latest Bond girl is a scuttler; when bond finds out that she betrayed him for the money and her ex-lover his face says it all: "the dirty scuttler! I'll kill her."

What happened to your girlfriend dude?
Oh, she scuttled on me.

I can't believe she scuttled!

Watch out for the dirty scuttlers tonight
by Simon Ratters November 30, 2006
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