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1. To search for information on something using Google's search function, or Wikipedia, or both.

2. To not really spend any time actually searching for information on something.

3. To ask someone to -ahem- "get lost" and not bother you for information.
1. Dick defined 'torture' after a Gookipedia.

2. Dude, I had to go to my ranch, so I did a Gookipedia and wrote that research report on invading Iraq!

3. Where's Osama? Why don't you Gookipedia him?
by Siddy Boy July 30, 2008

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Acronym for "kick the f*ing ball." Literally, something you would yell during a game of soccer to someone who is staring at an open goal with no defender in sight.

However, in a more general sense, it means that someone is staring at a golden opportunity that can be easily achieved and all they need to do is to KTFB and get an easy win.
In soccer:
Announcer: Messi passes the ball to Milito inside the penalty box and Robert Green is off to get some fish n chips! KTFB!!

In life, generally:
Mr. A: That girl is totally hitting on me!
Mr. B: KTFB!!
by Siddy Boy July 21, 2010

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Direct translation is "yes, my friend". Could mean "you da man," "awesome! and "yippe di do da!".
Mr. A: "I finally asked Ms. B out for a date."
Mr. YB: "yeah boyeeeeeee!"

Mr. T: "I pity the foo'"
Mr. YB: "yeah boyeeeeeee!"
by Siddy Boy October 21, 2007

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