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1) The act of defecating on a British woman
2) The act of defecating on a woman while acting in a flamboyantly British manner (ie. fake British accent, tea drinking, etc.)
3) A fictional British person, whose sole pleasure in life is shitting on the chest of unsuspecting women
1) I was on holiday in England, and I hooked up with a girl, only to find out that she had herpes. In my rage, I took her again and gave her the good ole' Shit Chestington.

2) My girlfriend wanted to spice things up in the bedroom with some role playing. I told her I would act the part of Shit Chestington. She looked at me quizzically. Thirty minutes later she found out the hard way, with a hot shit on her chest. I watched her try to clean up, drinking tea with my pinky out, spouting comments like "Hey lass looks like you got yourself in a spot of bother. You're bloody covered in shite!"
by Shit Chestington November 29, 2010
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