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Nintendo's new consol. Will feature:
1)wireless controlls
2)the ability to download all the kick ass games from NES, SNES, and N64 (these games kick any current or next gen games asses)
3)Better design than PS3 or Xbox 360
4)GOOD GAMES (360 and PS3 have like, 2 good ones)
5)something other than good graphics(seriously, how long are you willing to play crap games with awsome graphics?)
6)Lower cost
7)A system that DOES NOT BREAK(unlike ps3 or 360, which will break if you breath on them)
Microsoft has sold out to the "hip" crowd and Sony wants more games like Snoop Dog: Fear and Respect and 50 Cent: Bullet Proof
by Shiguru Miyamoto May 26, 2005
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