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In the same way as "selfie", an "arsie" is when you take a photo of your own butt.
Hey - that big mirror on your wall lets me get a great arsie!
by sham.bles February 15, 2014

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Leave Me Alone You Fucktard
She said to him LMAYF - you hear me? L-M-A-Y-F... and the Fucktard just ran...
by sham.bles April 25, 2013

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Prediction of revenge that may become necessary in the future.
I just kinda gort this feeling of prevenge about this guy - I knew that he would do something that would piss me off badlty.
by sham.bles October 01, 2014

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The dark side of eclectic.
"Hey, this babe really had a really eclectoc side to her... inverted crucifixes and stuff..."
by sham.bles April 09, 2013

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A person who edits web pages.
We used to have this goofball webitor - he couldn't get simple English right.
by sham.bles March 20, 2015

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A police helicopter.
Geez! This copper'copter kept buzzing over my garden with a searchlight. It was like I had some f*cking terrorist holed up in my shed!
by sham.bles October 18, 2014

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Likle a radiator, but involves the use of a cat. You plant your feline on the radiator, uit warms up (making it very happy), then you transfer the warmed cat to your lap; reap the benefits, then replace the cat on the radiator. Repeat the cycle as necessary.
I was so cold last night, that I stuck the pusskat on the rad in the front room for 10 mins, and Hey Presto! fully-charged Catdiator! My lap was comfily warm for the rest of the evening.
by sham.bles October 14, 2014

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