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National "Invent Your Own Dumbass Holiday on Urban Dictionary Day"
Hey everybody, it's November 1! Let's see what dumbass holiday the Urban Dictionary people post as their Word of the Day for November 1 today!
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by Sensible Patriot October 30, 2019

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A legal and safe procedure that is there for a woman in case she, the person in control of her own body, makes the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Don't let hateful, misinformed people scare you.
Maybe the condom broke. Maybe you were raped. Maybe you're just not ready to be a mother. Your life is not ruined; you can have an abortion if you really desire to terminate the pregnancy, and no one has the right to judge you for it.
by Sensible Patriot February 05, 2019

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Former Vice President to Barack Obama, and candidate who will beat Donald Trump like a drum in the 2020 Presidential election.
Joe Biden is a candidate who can unite America and alleviate the craziness and division in our country.
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by Sensible Patriot June 29, 2020

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Preferring some more interesting paint color for your wall, or even some wallpaper.
Person 1: "What color should we paint the room? I'm thinking white."
Person 2: "You mean the world's most boring color? Nah, I'm anti-white. Maybe let's go for some interesting color for the walls, like literally any color that's not the world's most boring color."
by Sensible Patriot August 29, 2019

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An amazing, capable, and inspiring woman. U.S. Senator; former Attorney General of the State of California; and ground-breaking choice of running mate by Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden in 2020. As of January 20, 2021 she became the first female, Black, and Asian-American to serve as Vice President of the United States.
America thanks you for all you've done, Kamala Harris!
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by Sensible Patriot February 20, 2021

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When you can't eat cashews, almonds, or even legumes for the entire month of November
Nope, no pecans for you -- it's No-Nut November!
by Sensible Patriot December 03, 2018

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A strong, intelligent woman elected to Congress in 2018. She scares the shit out of Republicans.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fucking amazing.
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by Sensible Patriot February 22, 2019

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