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When you are broke, have no money at all and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Theres only one thing you can do!!!!!
That is!!! Go up to a tramp in the street and offer a bita FIDDY DRY mate!!!!!
This is when you recieve a payment of 50 pounds for the dry bummage of life!!!!!!!! oooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sean: orrrrrrrrr no i'm skint. Yo tramp FIDDY DRY mi now!
Tramp: 40 mate 40.
Sean: Naw mate fiddy only
Tramp: Alright then bend over and take it dry like a sheep on steroids.
Sean: ooooooooo agarrrrrrrrrrrr
by SeanDanny!!! November 18, 2006
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Shoes that a random skunk sells to you over the telephone. You may recieve an annoymous call at random times!
Caller: ee rr mate do you wanna buy some shoes?
Callee: errrrrrr who is it?
Caller: Cmon mate new shoes!
by SeanDanny!!! November 18, 2006
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