2 definitions by Sean Adams

sean is one of the most toxic people you will ever meet in your life. he will claim he wants you then make you trust him enough to take your virginity then he will stop talking to you. then hit you up again and the second you call him out for something he insults you until you give him what he wants. over all he will play you for months and there’s nothing u can do about it because you’re obsessed with him and would do anything to be with him even tho he is playing you. he will make you have trust issues and make you scared to open up and give anyone else a chance. you will start becoming a whore because of the pain you feel from him. you keep going back because he tells you he “changed “ he find every excuse to fuck you then leave. never trust a sean. he will ruin your whole perspective on love , boys and trust.
sean’s a cunt he placed me again
by Sean Adams April 20, 2020
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Someone with a really dope ass that you'd like to SMACK.
"This next one's called 'She Prefers Whips' and it goes out to all the smackie bun babies...I don't even know what that means." - Todd, inciting laughter
by Sean Adams March 28, 2004
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