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Mt. Lebanon is probably one of the most stereotyped suburbs in the South Hills area located in Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, you will meet some snotty brats who had their lives given to them when they were born at the bank- but you'll also most likely meet your best friends that'll make you wonder how you lived without them. It's a legend that if you do not own a Vera Bradley bag (girls), a black North Face fleece Denali jacket, something from Abercrombie or Hollister, or Ugg boots that you tuck your skinny jeans into- you will not survive. Clearly, these people who started this legend have been to Mt. Lebanon, but not actually lived there. There are people out there who continue to shop at Hot Topic despite the peer pressure to own the items listed above... So honestly, you can be whoever you want in 'Lebo'... you just have to ignore the jealous hicks who call us spoiled.
Mineo's Pizza on Washington Road on a Friday Night...
"Yins all look identical!"
"It's cause we're from Mt. Lebanon!"
"That's not a good excuse though!"

^my point, exactly... don't blame it on the bubble^
by Sea Kitten♥ February 22, 2009
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