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For ages 14 and up.

Needs to be atleast 3 players, beer and a pen.

The object is to be the first player to finish your beer. Players who fail to finish their respective beers must engage in a chug-off. The slowest player is disqualified from the next round.

In each round the player with the pen chooses a number between 1 (One) and 10 (Ten). The player writes the number on their hand and passes the pen to the left. The player recieving the pen then guesses the number on the players hand along with the remaining players.

Each player gets one attempt to guess the number.

A community beer is placed in the middle of the table to serve as a thirst quencher. THE COMMUNITY BEER MUST BE GONE BEFORE SOMEONE CAN WIN. If a person finishes before the beer is gone the winner then adopts the community beer and continues to play.


If you guess the number you get to drink for ten seconds.

If you guess one number away you get to drink for 5 seconds.

The players not drinking will all count to the specified number (5 or 10).

If no one guesses right on or either one away the closest guesser gets a gulp of beer.


CHEATING will allow the non cheaters to each have a gulp of their beer.

If you spill your beer you loose.

Everyone must count and finish together.

Once you finish your beer you must yell finished.

If your beer foams up the non foamers all get one gulp.
One in Ten drinking game should be played whenever possible. Be it a hard day or just boredom, there is no excuse not to play.
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