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Something makes anyone who does it a cool punk kid against society with lots of girls. Skateboarders can be easily spotted because of their trendy apparel, long hair, cuts all over their arm, shitty music, and their lingo.
A couple kids were skateboarding at the park while listening to Avril Lavigne, Millencolin, etc and saying stuff like "Gnarly dude! Let's go grind that rail!" Whenever a pretty lady walked by, they all tried to do 900 Nosegrind to a manual to a 360 Flip to impress the lady, but they ended up failing. the girl was instanly attracted because he was bleeding, and girls love dangerous men!!1111!!!1111. Skateboarders are assholes

Contrary to popular belief, skateboarding is a crime. Vandalizing property by 'grinding' on it is definitly a crime and I'll be damned if I have to spend more of my tax dollars to fucking repair the vandalized rails/curbs/ledges and the like.

Skateboarders are assholes
by Sclass12 October 16, 2004

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