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Swedish town in the center of the san joaquin valley between fresno and tulare. Only tweakers live here, or religious fanatics. Vikings is the mascot, they suck but for some reason friday night football games pass as entertainment, as there is NOTHING else to do in the town. Memorial Park is the known spot for stoners (have some good weed in ktown) Gangsters or at least wannabe gangsters roam around the streets from mariposa to kern and pull bullshit out of their asses to pass as meaningful gang loyalty. Kingsburg is known to have the BEST tweak in the whole valley and theres alot of rich people who spend their money on drugs, especially DOPE and WEED. They have their heads stuck up their ass, and there is NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT DRUGS IN THIS TOWN. Or be a church freak. The only cool people are the ones who have given up on trying to find something good aboiut this town, specifically Dejah and Cori. They are the fuckin best and dont forget it!
"wanna go to kingsburg?"
"What the fuck is kingsburg?"
"where the drugs are"
by Saucy W March 20, 2010
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