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A fucking amazing person who is loving, fun to be around, is loyal, and would die for you. She is a talented individual. Who ever she is in love with, she loves them whole heartedly.
That person is such a Tamara Cazer!
by Satan's child December 13, 2013
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The antichrist, according to the Book of revelation of St. John, is known as the second beast and part of the unholy trinity.
The unholy trinity consists of
The Dragon(Satan)
The Antichrist
The beast

The antichrist will rules for 7 years and half way through, will attack and destroy many people. The bible also says a certain comet will be apparent at the time of the antichrist's birth. No comets yet, so therefore, The antichrist has not been born.

If you want a view on the antichrist from the Satanic view.

Then read on:

According to Satan, there shall be 6 antichrists, one for each of the main continents. He was going to make 7, but decided he didn't want the 7th to freeze to death in Antarctica.

The antichrist will be more of a title rather than a person.
It will given to already born children, who happen to be quite the intellects.
They will borrow Satan's immense power to destroy all of his enemies, ESPECIALLY THE XIANS. After his enemies are destroyed, peace shall ensure and christians, jews etc shall be gone. And the old religions(Paganism, eastern religions) shall reign again, with no horror. Earth will finally be free of the horror of Christianity.
Satanism and other religions that come from long ago shall be the only religions, of course, the separation of church and state shall defiantly be. All religions shall be considered equal, all people shall be equal. WHO doesn't want that?
Damien Thorn from The Omen is an example of the antichrist.
Adrian from Rosemary's Baby.
Lucy from Lucy, Daughter of The devil.
by Satan's Child August 01, 2010
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