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Short for Backwood.
Example 1: Finna smoke Woods by the hasty Dawg.

Example 2: I only wrap my blunt's with woods fham
by SasukeCoochieha May 23, 2017

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Toronto slang for the perfect woman. Term derived from model Emily Ratajkowski's twitter, instagram username Emrata.
person 1: what does your ting look like?
person 2: she's an Emrata, wanna see a picture?
person 1: ahlie, she is fine
by SasukeCoochieha March 16, 2017

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Hood slang for when you have at least 10 homies with you. More specific way of using rollin deep
"I be 10 deep posted by the fish n chips."
by SasukeCoochieha February 02, 2020

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Saying commonly used by Filipino-Americans for ‘no cap.’
Person 1: No takip bro, shortys kinda valid.
Person 2. For real.
by SasukeCoochieha February 19, 2021

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Toronto slang for a main chick who's only purpose is to please a man sexually. Majority of the time the girl doesn't know shes a slap ting. In short, a fwb and more.
Person 1: heard you're dating Kayla
Person 2: Yeah, issa a slap ting tho
Person 1: You still buy her shit?
Person 2: ofc fam, I wanna pine her till I lose interest.
by SasukeCoochieha April 01, 2019

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When you make a statment that is joke.
Person 1: Bro, you like big bawty bitches?
Person 2: *no, response*
Person 1: hahaha, I'm juss talkin' shit
by SasukeCoochieha February 24, 2019

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Cool way of saying anytime. Term used to show gratitude or whatever
Example 1
Person 1: "Yo dawg, thanks for helping the mandem earlier."
Person 2: "Aye time dawg"

Example 2
Person 1: "Yo, what time u finna reach?"
Person 2 "Aye time bro, there's bare trafffic"
by SasukeCoochieha September 13, 2018

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