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Okay. Look fucktards. Emo is short for emotional. Everybody is Emo. It's typically pointed at kids, mainly ranging in age from 13-22 because of hormone imbalances, who act "emo"tional and wear dark colors because they were individualized. So, now they think they are supposed to act that way. Good job judgmental assholes. It's your fault "emo's" cut and wear dark color. You don't like it? QUIT FUCKING SAYING STUPID SHIT TO THEM, DUMBFUCKS! How retarded are you? Realleh? Seriousleh? You want to get all mad at the "emo's" for acting like they do when it's your fault they're like that! That's stupid.
"Over Emotional Kid": "I hate my life..."
Some Judgmental Dumbass: "Quit being 'emo!'"
"Over Emotional Kid": *curls up and cuts their wrist"
by Samantha Motherfucking Blake January 01, 2009
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Okay. I don't mean to crush on your spirits, but love isn't real. You want to know what love is? Love is a chemical imbalance, a few hormones, and mixed feelings. It's nothing. You want to know the best way to not get hurt? Don't think you love anything. Don't put heart, soul, or feeling into anything you do or anyone you meet. It'll just get you hurt.
Love is giving someone the permission to break your heart, but trusting them not to.
by Samantha Motherfucking Blake January 01, 2009
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