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A big word used in casual conversation that no one understands except maybe the user. 60% of the time the Nerd Word user is smart and KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and the other 40% of time it's used by an idiot who gets a random word out of the dictionary and then uses it to look smart.
Example 1:
Smart User- "I think the nomenclature of Windows is way easier than Mac. Don't you?"
Person- "Sorry,dumb it down. I can't understand Nerd Words."

Example 2:
Person- "I LOVE N'SYNC!!! Do you love them? I LOVE them."
Stupid User- " Yes. I believe they are very esoteric. I wish more bands were esoteric."
Person- "Do you even know what that means?"
Stupid User-

*Looks down at definition written on hand.*
"Only known by a few, not well known...Dammit"
Person- "Yeah, stop trying to use Nerd Words to look smarter."
by Sam's Cola July 20, 2010

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