6 definitions by Saltin God

When you have to take a massive shit but your on a bus to get to school so you cant
I almost took a bus shit today
by Saltin God January 14, 2021
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A fat ass from a ginger male is called a Belshe Booty
Ben had a huge Belshe Booty
by Saltin God December 17, 2020
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A libtard is a democrat that only thinks democratic and hates everyone who doesn’t have the same opinion
The libtard got mad because I said ACAB was wrong

Fuck you libtard
by Saltin God December 03, 2020
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A hair line that is going over the forehead and almost showing the skull
by Saltin God December 17, 2020
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De Shit is the real name of the De smet High School in St.Louis. The school is full of them west county fags and football players that got illegally receriuted. De Shit things that there so cool just because of there three rings, flexing it on CBC boys. When CBC kids have over 50 banners in there gym. De Shit kids are also GLUH's little brother. This is where all the GLUH kids go when they dont get accepted cause there dumdasses.
De Shit kids are somehow worse the Chami kids What the fuck
by Saltin God May 05, 2020
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