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The greatset criminal ever to walk the Earth. Satan incarnate. Better known as the white man. Term comes from the biblical name for caucasians.
Camp Leader: "We'll set up here if Esau doesn't give us any trouble."
Brothers: "All right, ahch. That's what it is."
by Sabal Iwalum November 09, 2007

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The total opposite of a sausage party.
Me and my homie went to the Kit Kat Club and it was a total fish fry. We thought all the chicks played for the other team beacuse of the dirty looks.
by Sabal Iwalum December 26, 2007

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What one does when on the ground, looking straight up.
"If this dude keeps talking reckless, he'll count ceiling tiles." Also, playing Tetris with ceiling tiles.
by Sabal Iwalum January 18, 2008

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A person that has a white father and a black mother. Ex. "I thought shorty was just light-skinned but I saw her white pops and now know she's a graham cracker." Word comes from the fact that although a graham cracker is brown, it's still a cracker,or although a person may have brown skin,if their father is white, so are they.
Black Man:"I thought the chick was just light-skinned, but turns out her pops is white."
Me: "That's a graham cracker, bruh."
by Sabal Iwalum November 02, 2007

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