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One of the most compassionate people I've ever met. Ryan is always trying to help everyone, even if it ends up hurting him. He's very resourceful and has substantial amounts of perseverance, so if he fails at something he just takes another shot until he succeeds. His jokes are either super funny or terrible; there is no in between. He's not a fan of small children, yet they seem to adore him. Despite this, Ryan doesn't want any kids of his own. He thinks he'd be a horrible parent, but everyone else thinks the exact opposite.
Appearance wise, Ryan is also pretty attractive. Those mysterious, elegant dark brown eyes of his are very intriguing, and his smile is remarkably adorable. He's pretty tall as well, I think his height is around 6'2. His hair is soft and floofy, even though he often forgets to wash and brush his hair.
If you're the kind of person who likes male butts, you're in luck. His posterior is big. Like, very big. It would take three or four hands to cover just one of his butt cheeks. Most girls are jealous of his fat booty, but I feel kind of sorry for Ryan. Buying pants must be a (literal) pain in the arse for him, since there's a difference of at least one foot between his butt size and his waist.
Me: I think I'm in love with Ryan.
Someone else: She wants to eat some Ryan booty
by Ryan's admirer June 22, 2019

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