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The word “simp” is not an actual English language word but is more of a slang term used most commonly among teenage or young-adult Americans. Simp is defined as a person, regardless of gender, who would desperately go out of their way to get the attention of somebody who obviously isn’t interested in them romantically. Or a simp can be a person who tries everything in their power to be romantically linked to someone who doesn’t even acknowledge their existence. The word ‘simp’ is often a negative term, there hasn’t been a time when being a simp was a positive thing or used in a positive way.
You: I caught you simping for Nick Wilde. You nasty creature.
by RoxyRixx October 12, 2022
Popee the Performer is a 17-year-old high school dropout who is a circus performer. He wears a bunny/cat red and white striped costume and has the physical appearance of a white American teenager but is ethnically Japanese. He has a charming assistant named Kedamono, a purple wolf-like creature with a mask on his face. Popee is a violent narcissist who has jealousy issues. Popee does not have any friends or lovers. Popee has a father who is also a circus performer. Popee has a mother but he doesn't know who she is nor does he care to know. Popee has a little sister named Marifa.
You: Have you seen Popee The Performer?
Me: Yes.

You: How are you still sane after watching that?
by RoxyRixx October 12, 2022