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Everything about her is amazing <3. It's not her face, but the expressions on it with that huge bright smile that warms your heart and gives you these unexplained butterflies in your tummy. It's what she says that cheers you up and makes your heart beat fast. Those things make her beautiful. Although if you make her jealous, she tends to murder them, but it's so hot....uhhh I mean her jealousy shows that she cares and she wants to be yours ONLY. She's always funny and a dork and a goofball and weirdo, but you'll love all of that. Her turn ons are hobos, just like me! xD
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Justess?
Guy2: Yeah, so amazing and beautiful!
Girl: Haha yeah, she's in my pants.
Guy1: NOOOO!
Girl: *shoots both guys* no one steals Justess from me, scumbags.
by RoseyDosey April 29, 2012
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