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The rough cylinder left over after the corn is eaten off it. An item often found in out houses back in the day to remove clingons from uranus.

Possibly the most overlooked bargaining tool the west has ever had with the Arab world. They still wipe their ass with thier fingers - its true I swear!
Just think of it! We've been throwing away corn cobbs for years and all along we could have been trading them for oil to our Saudi buddies. Hell its so obvious! They are the original corn holers!
by Roseanne LeVitre October 14, 2005

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Term given to a crewmember of the original crew of a newly commissioned ship. Implies that a crew member was around when the ship was being built and commissioned and therefore has bragging rights to the ownership of one of the deck planks in the main deck.
Avast dog fornicator, for it is I, poodle boy Rumsfeld, plank owner of my newly commissioned ship USS SHITSANDWICH, the great shit lollipop, Iraq.
by Roseanne LeVitre September 10, 2005

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A description of any nasty {mung} encrusted oriface. A crusty crevice. A bunghole of the most porcine or bovine caliber. A most uninviting love canal.

Origin: A Pekanese dog named Argus in Hicksville, Long Island in the late 1960's. Had a hideous ass and was not the least bit asshamed of it.
Well I bent over in my tight bathing suit and I could tell by their expressions that I was showing them an Argus's ass.
by Roseanne LeVitre October 15, 2005

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