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A cell phone conversation about nothing that goes on for an excessive period of time. It must exist in its own little world and have nothing to do with anything that could possibly lead to something productive.
Dude 1: Do you think a pineapple could fit into a pelican's beak?
Dude 2: Well that depends on how big the pineapple is, is it a fish sized pineapple or a pineapple sized pineapple.
Dude 1: They make fish sized pineapples?
Dude 2: I don't know, do they? I just used that since pelicans eat fish... I guess it depends on how big the pelican's beak is.
Dude 1: Whoa, we got to stop having this pelican talk and figure out when we're going to hang out.
by Rory Arthur March 15, 2008

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