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Alcoholic shot made by mixing 1/2 ounce Kahlua Liquor, and 1/2 ounce Goldschlager. Eptomizes the spirit of the 27th Infantry Regiment with the Black and Gold colors, the spirit of the Tropic Lightning, and the Gold representing Military Service. Made popular by founding members of the Wolfhounds MC ~Nec Aspera Terrent~
"Gimme a Dirty Wolfhound....they;re F**king sweet and mean"
by RoosterWHMC January 08, 2012

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Taliban mudflap: (noun) a sexual act, wherein the female (or male in the case of insurgents) is being penetrated from behind while wearing a skirt (or man jamies), when he approaches the point of ejaculation, the male pulls out screams "lalalalalala" or a similar jihadist exclamation and finishes in her ass.  When complete he cleans himself on the skirt (or in the case of insurgents, the back of his buddy's shirt).
Dude, look at the back of that chicks skirt, she just came out the restroom with her man...looks like he got the booty, she's sportin a Taliban Mudflap
by RoosterWHMC January 22, 2012

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An adept skill at perorming cunnilingus. One becomes a master of Tonguekwando when he can make a female achieve orgasm simply by mentioning his talent. Ranked in a belt-system as other martial-arts, one gains levels by perfecting his skill, and offering his services to women desiring such performance.
He is so good at going down, he's like a blackbelt in Tonguekwando.....he'll lick any little man in a boat!
by RoosterWHMC January 20, 2012

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