3 definitions by Ronni22EDM

another way of saying happy birthday, that is a combination of the words merry christmas and cake
A: Today is my birthday!
B: well merry cakemas my dude
by Ronni22EDM December 21, 2019
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the word morning but spoken in OwO talk
by Ronni22EDM February 13, 2019
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a dizzy version of owo, or an owo listening to a track that they really headbanged to

An emoticon resembling the logo of a well known EDM Producer from Monstercat, named Bossfight.
man that was a noice banger @w@

Person 1: Hey dude, what’s your favorite song done by Bossfight?
Person 2: Work @w@
by Ronni22EDM December 07, 2018
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