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This is a rallying cry for people excited about the stock of a specific company. It became popularized on r/wallstreetbets during the 2021 short squeeze of GameStop's shares (GME), which were being short-sold at a high level by major hedge funds. The high number of buys by WSB forced the hedge funds to repurchase the shares at a much higher price and therefore at a tremendous loss, allowing wage-earning millennials to stick it to Wall St traders and their boomer clients. The millennials who still came out at a loss thought it was worth it.
CNBC: "Surely GME won't go up to $1000."

WSB: "We like the stock!"
by RomeNC January 26, 2021

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Usually the hardest and most hated level in any video game. This is because the physics and spatial reasoning of being underwater are usually very different from most other levels in a game, meaning that you can't rely on the muscle memory you've built up in previous levels to carry you through. Also, they tend to have very hard (and very scary) monsters.
Tim: Have you beaten Zelda yet?

Jim: Naw, man, I'm stuck on the water level.
by RomeNC March 17, 2018

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A hurricane that hits an area affected by the coronavirus. Alternatively, it can be a hurricane that already hit an area affected by it and is now bringing the virus in its winds.
There’s 12 new cases in Surf City, and a Category 5 is coming, Hurronacane!
by RomeNC May 25, 2020

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