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Generic “comforting” phrases that come off the top of your subconscious nearly immediately.
Person 1: My Condolences.

Person 2: Seriously? Comfort Words is all you could think of?
by Rocket League Player on UrbDic September 22, 2021
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Someone who think’s WAY too fondly of themselves.
You have such a fucking ego, shut up.
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A Rocket League Player who doesn’t do anything else but watch Rocket League Champion Series stream’s / Highlights.
I think Mark became an RLCS Fanboy.
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The gun in Fortnite Save The World that BRats (Battle Royale Brats) ask you to trade for because it was a rare weapon
Do you wanna trade your 130 Power Level Nocturno?
by Rocket League Player on UrbDic February 23, 2021
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