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Philippines is a conservative American wanna be. It's beauty is covered with squatters and children. Philippines has the largest know population of gays and lesbians in the asian culture, so for those who live in San Francisco, it puts Castro Street to shame. You can also make your own laws, sure they have stringent laws but hey it's nothing money can't buy, eventhough if it's just a measley buck ($1=55 pesos). Now back to the American wanna be, they are a year behind when it comes to trends but when you pay a visit you can find alot of things that you enjoy here in the STATES, like Starbucks. One more thing good luck finding toilet paper there, cause all they use over there is a pail full of water Tabo and your right or left hand, which ever is easier.
Crap, all I see is a pail, where the hell is the toilet paper?
by Robertson Uy May 09, 2005
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