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Hyuuga Neji is the genius prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, having mastered techniques that are only handed down through the main branch.

He is very good-looking, with lilac eyes and long brown hair. He is branded with a Cage Mark Seal, mistakingly but routinely called a swastika by ignorant people. The correct terminology is "Manji". It is a Buddhist symbol for peace.

The seal was created to control him and lock away his bloodline trait, or "kekkei genkai", if he was to die so that enemies can not get a hold of it.

He is sometimes mistaken for a girl by other ignorant people because of his long hair. If you ask me, Haku's the one that looks like a girl.
It's very annoying and aggravating when people say that the Manji on Neji's forehead is a swastika. It's a fricking Buddhist manji, for God's sake!!!!!!

Neji is just sooooooo pretty... I love him so much!!!!!
by Rikku-chan!!!!! April 07, 2008

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