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Indie girls are all about the image, creating an interesting irony as they spend all their time and effort reading up on obscure bands and shopping in thrift stores cultivating the illusion that they couldn't give a damn. They could. As a self professed Indie Kid I'll admit that I Band bash like there's no tomorrow and am well aware that 'your favourite band sucks'.

Indie Girls can be seen as stuck up, but this is an ignorant misconception. Individuals are stuck up, not sub or forefront (storefront?) cultures. All self loving (or loathing if you're that way inclined) groups eminate antagonism at one time or another, mainly because we have developed an obsession for labels. What's with the Indie Kid/Emo/Hardcore Kid turf war? We all try way too hard, and if that results in resentment based on what you wear or the music you listen to, so be it. I pesonally find Indie music more gritty and subversive, but thats just me.

Back to Indie girls. Wears stovepipe jeans or twee dresses/skirts, vintage tees and oversized beaded sweaters. Pays attention to her overall appearance, although would love you to think it's all effortless.

As opposed to an emo or scene kid she's unlikely to go overboard on the eye-makeup or hair gel. Cropped or shaggy hair with long prominant fringes are common. Accesorises with beads, bright nail paint and plastic jewlery.

If you think that the music on the OC is indie, then you're not an indie kid.
Fads fall out of Vogue with the indie girls and boys and land in the GAP.
by Rigby Bum July 12, 2006

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