1 definition by RickyChampagne

An Uber-liberal male. Almost definitely a feminazi at heart. Probably rides with Antifa claiming to be fighting "the system" while throwing bricks unsuccessfully at innocent small businesses windows. Has never seen the inside of a weight room and thinks a bench press is a type of French delicacy he can buy at his local vegan spot. 99% of the time named something abstract like Liad, Mahin, Sebastian
Max: hey what sup man, how's your fam these days?
Liad: wouldn't you like to know, RACIST! you're refusal to destroy local businesses is fascist! how dare you have a different opinion than me! im gonna go eat some tofu to recalibrate my emotions cuz im a soy boy.
Max: okay, while you're at it maybe you should fix that broken jumpshot and realign your ankles Happy Feet
by RickyChampagne November 28, 2020
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