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Somehow who pimps out development resources like a boss.
John : Hey chooch you need some sweet front end dev work?
Matt : How much?
John : 2 days with my resource, anything you need. 85/hr
Matt : Alright, its a deal.
John : Yo, Lisa you are needed for some front end work downtown, 2 days a week.
Lisa : Come on Johnny...I need to smoke up and vacuum my walls.
John : Don't make me pimp slap you! Move!
Lisa : Friggin Code Pimp!
by Richard Hassores November 19, 2013

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Similar to an "Irish Exit", the Costello Cut-out involves leaving a party or social gathering without saying goodbye, but shuffling your feet on the way out.
Gary : Hey where did Johnny Boy go?
Mike : I don't know, he was just here laughing and having fun. Then he disappeared.

--30 minutes later--
Gary : I think he gave us the Costello Cut-out.
Mike : Yea, shuffled right out on us.
by Richard Hassores December 07, 2013

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When you are running in the hills of Newton and stop at Mt. Alverina street and slam the water stop Mom in the back of her minivan. You finish up with some swedish fish.
Runner 1 : "Hey where is the next water stop?"
Runner 2 : "I think it is at Mt. Alverina street"
Runner 1 : "Siiiick...I am gonna Mt. Alvzzz this broad in front of us"
Runner 2 : "Nice kid. Save me some swedish fish."
Mom : "Hey team..good job"
by Richard Hassores January 26, 2011

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To tip in a sarcastic way in an effort to make the bartender feel like "he's the asshole".
Bartender: $20.00 please...
Pat: Here you go
(Pat hands a $20.00 bill, bartender smirks)
Greg: Whoa man he just got pissed your not gonna tip him
Pat: Well I am going to, I was looking for some more money.
(Pat put's a $2.00 on the bar)
Pat: Twwwoooooo dolllaaa tip here! We got a twwwwooo dolllla tip here!
Greg: Droppin the sarcastip kid...nice.
by Richard Hassores April 18, 2008

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A ridiculous recommendation with no technical basis or prior thought. Often times a Grecomendation may be made and then reversed the very next day. The result is something being grecked.
John: Ummmmmm yaaaaaa Joe, can you edit the application so that there are back to top links on that page?
Joe: Yea sure but there is very little content on the page?
John: Yeaaaaaa, lets talk about it tomorrow.
Tim: Whoa dude he just made a nasty grecomendation!!!
by Richard Hassores April 18, 2008

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