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Built in 1982, the "Gary Drive Projects" consist of a large group of apartments and condominiums which sit atop a hill on the border between the city of Hayward and the town of Castro Valley in California. The projects overlook the interstate 580 and interstate 238 interchange and was built on what realtors believed at the time to be prime real estate.

Given the name "Gary Drive Projects" by locals because it is built on the Gary Drive. The area quickly became known as one of the most dangerous ghettos in the U.S. Although easily accessible by two different entrances, the Gary Drive Projects are rarely frequented by local law enforcement officers, and residents of the projects often barricade the entrances to keep cops and non-residents out.

It is even rumored that law enforcement will not respond to calls inside the projects without sending multiple officers due to the dangers involved with officers entering the projects.

Other names of the Gary Drive Projects include; the GD Projects, Garytown, Brick City West, the Gary Hood, and the Hill Top Projects.

Known gangs which claim turf inside the projects include; the Gary Boys, Gary Drive Killers (GDK), and the Velvet Hammer Squad.
by Reliable Info July 18, 2010
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