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The Dark Lord, aka Lord Voldemort, aka Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka captain of the Death Eaters, aka the darkest wizard of all, aka-
Okay damn that’s a lot of names.
He’s basically this big, intimidating, snakey man who looks good in a suit and his only goal is to like restore the pureblood bloodline or something cause he’s the “Heir of Slytherin” and that was Salazar Slytherin’s goal in life I guess.

He also gets scared by a stupid prophecy and goes out to kill this baby so he doesn’t die in the future cause he’s scared of dying. But, Harry’s a bad bitch and survives. Eventually him and Voldemort have a big ol’ duel and Voldy dies. The end.
Person 1: “Ayo, I’m not even gonna lie, Voldemort lookin like a whole ass meal in that black suit.”

Person 2: “Bro that’s sus.”
“But yeah, you’re right.”

Bystander: “What the fuc-”
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The main character in stupid J.K. Rowling’s book/movie series: Harry Potter.

Sus boy, he is our Bi king. He’s a little confused at times but gets around pretty well. If Harry was a girl we all know he would’ve ended up with whinny boy Draco, don’t even lie we all know it’s true. He has round glasses, jet black, messy hair, mesmerizing, emerald green eyes, and a lighting bolt scar on his forehead, which was so kindly given to him by non other than Lord Voldemort himself, how sweet.

He’s a himbo, and I love him.
Me: “Yo, have you seen/read Harry Potter?”

Victim: “Oh yeah, I have. Isn’t it kinda overrated though-”

Me: “Harry is bestest, hottest boy and is underated in his own series.”

Victim: “Uh- okay?”
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