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Pokemon is a Great RPG Game.It uses,like most RPGs,A Leveling System in which the player uses His/Her pokemon to defeat other Pokemon to gain Experiance,or EXP.You can catch these pokemon,in a Capsule Item Named Pokeballs.There are different Types of Pokeballs,with the rarest and Most Effective being the Master Ball,Which only requires One Use,and the pokemon is Caught.There are 493 Known Pokemon,In which the 493rd,Arceus,Is the Alpha One,The God Of All Pokemon.
Most people are afraid to say they like pokemon,because they might think there friends will say its un-cool.Well,Newsflash,Just because THEY Dont't think it is cool,doesn't mean it isn't.There are Millions Playing Pokemon Games Worldwide.Thats how awsome it is.Its PLayed more that Halo,Call of Duty,Grand Theft Auto,andSonic the HedgeHog Games Combined.In 2008 and 2009,The DS Pokemon Game,Pokemon Platinum,Sold 1 Million Copies when it came out for Japan and The United States,respectively.Don't Listen to Other so called 'ganster' people,and people who want to be cool.Pokemon is a Great game.You'll never know until you try it,
DUDE!I caught a {Pokemon Name here}!
Ganster:"P0k3m0n $Ux0r$,iT$ lAm3r tHan yU-g!-0H!"
Person:"Pokemon is Cooler than Gansters will ever be!"
by Reed10021 August 06, 2009

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The Pokemon Moon.An RPG game having to do with Pokemon.This one is The better of all the others out there,Including that worthless Flamez RPG.TPPC NEVER gets updated.The moderators there are also total Asswipes.
Dude!Did you know TPMRPG is the most updated Pokemon RPG to date?
by Reed10021 July 08, 2009

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